Scale patient

Scale patient

use with Wheelchair
patien lift

patien lift

Used for moving between bed, wheel chair and batch room, save the nurse from vocational injury and ensure the safety of the patient.
icon Digital Scales with Sonar Height Rods HOT

icon Digital Scales with Sonar Height Rods

DETECTO’s icon® eye-level digital physician scales feature state-of-the-art sonar height rods and an ultra-thin platform only 1.5 inches high. The icon® series scales feature an extra-high 1,000-lb capacity, multi-color touchscreen LCD display, 0.9-inch-high LCD weight digits, 1 USB-B port, HL7 IEEE 11073 compliance, units locking into kilograms or pounds, Mother/Baby function, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for wireless EMR/EHR, 17 in W x 17 in D weighing platform, and weight, height, and BMI displayed onscreen simultaneously. The icon’s powerful sonar touchless height rod combined with an all-in-one color display means the patient simply steps onto the scale platform and within a second your full measurements are all displayed onscreen.

pediatric scales NEW

pediatric scales

  • 1-in-high LCD
  • 44 lb / 20 kg Capacity and 0.01 lb / 5 g Accuracy
  • Auto Shut-off After 2 Minutes
  • Convertible Standing Scale
  • From Neonatal to Pediatric Weighing
  • Integral Analog Measuring Tape
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Optional Carrying Case Available
  • Optional Digital Length Measuring Rod Can be Mounted to Scale
  • Roomy Weighing Tray
  • Zero Feature Subtracts Weight of Blankets and Diapers
  • Breast Milk Intake Function Compares Baby Weight Before and After Feeding